How to Get 10 Extra Years Out of Your Roof

A new car. A luxurious vacation. A nest egg for the future.

There’s a lot you could do with $10,000. But a premature roof replacement shouldn’t be one of them.

Why Roof Cleaning Matters

When we think about our home, it’s easy to glaze over the very top. After all, it’s what’s inside that feels exciting: this is your home sweet home.

But your roof protects everything on the inside. And if your roof is in trouble, so is your home.

Routine roof cleaning provides the alternative. Our team delivers a soft washing solution that:

  • Kills algae, moss, and mildew. This type of buildup isn’t just an eyesore. It also contributes to long-term infestation issues that can cost you your savings and your health.
  • Removes black streaks. Those aren’t just stains – they’re alive! This discoloration is the result of Gloeocapsa Magma, a bacteria that eats at your roofing material.
  • Gives your roof strength. With regular roof cleaning, your roof will be prepared to stand strong – and look great – for years to come.

There’s a reason that your home insurance policy requires regular roof cleaning as part of their coverage stipulation. It’s good for your investment. But it’s also good for the place you call home!

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