Why We Don't "Pressure Wash" Your Roof

Roof care is a balancing act. Your shingles need a solution that does hard on stains… But won’t hurt your roof. They need a solution that will kill algae and mildew… But won’t deteriorate the surface. And they need a solution that elevates curb appeal instantly… and keeps the effect going for the long haul.

Soft Washing: A Roof’s Best Friend

We use soft washing as a way to juggle all of these needs. With this professional approach, your roof gets the transformation it deserves – and none of the drawbacks.

This is why we never pressure wash your roof. Power washing dispels water and cleaning product at a high pressure against your shingles. It causes cracks, water damage, and even shingle deterioration.

The takeaway? Pressure washing is a no-go for your roof.

Soft washing, on the other hand, is safe. But it’s also the most effective cleaning technique on the market. It uses:

  • A low pressure washing system that doesn’t expose your roof to heavy pressures
  • Special cleaning detergents that are designed to kill algae and mildew
  • A process that locks in long-lasting quality

Invest in your roof, in your curb appeal, and in your property value with a soft washing solution from Premier WashPros.

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