Why We Don’t Pressure Wash Your Roof

Roof care is a balancing act. Your shingles need a solution that does hard on stains. But won’t hurt your roof. They need a solution that will kill algae and mildew. But won’t deteriorate the surface. And they need a solution that elevates curb appeal instantly and keeps the effect going for the long haul.

Soft Washing: A Roof’s Best Friend

We use soft washing as a way to juggle all of these needs. With this professional approach, your roof gets the transformation it deserves – and none of the drawbacks.

This is why we never pressure wash your roof. Power washing dispels water and cleaning products at high pressure against your shingles. It causes cracks, water damage, and even shingle deterioration.

The takeaway? Pressure washing is a no-go for your roof.

Soft washing, on the other hand, is safe. But it’s also the most effective cleaning technique on the market. It uses:

  • A low-pressure washing system that doesn’t expose your roof to heavy pressures
  • Special cleaning detergents that are designed to kill algae and mildew
  • A process that locks in the long-lasting quality

Invest in your roof, in your curb appeal, and your property value with a soft washing solution from Premier WashPros.

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